Boijmans – Mad about Surrealism


‘An unprecedented survey of the Surrealist movement with masterpieces from four famous European collections: Roland Penrose, Edward James, Gabrielle Keiller and Ulla Heiner Pietzsch. Most of the works have rarely been exhibited publicly, or never have been, and will once again disappear behind closed doors at the end of the exhibition.’

This was an excellent opportunity for us to create a surrealistic audio tour. All narrative was recorded binaurally; a voice floating outside your head conveys the passion and perception of various artists and other influential figures in the Surrealistic movement.

For a more surreal feel, the stories needed an audio background. Inspired by the works of art and the stories, we collected sounds and equipment which allowed us to design a custom surreal audio landscape for each stop in the tour. We used a keyless keyboard which detects every movement, and therefore every expression fingers make. All this influenced the sounds we gathered. We would listen to the stories and play with the sounds while listening. In the end, we recorded our entire interpretation of the stories in sound and used this as background.

All audio was done in 3D, as well as the way-finding. A voice somewhere on your right tells you to go right. Sounds simple, ‘right’? And it worked perfectly. The result is a non-stop 45-minute audio experience guiding the visitor through the exhibition. No need to look at a device, just carry on. . . listen . . . . and wonder . . . .

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