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Immersive Sound for Virtual Reality, Museums and Brands
About Big Orange

Big Orange is a full service audio studio based in Amsterdam specialised in 3D and multi-channel sound for Virtual Reality, Museums and Brands. Our audio deeply immerses the listener into a virtual audio landscape.

The unique mix of creative audio concepts, interactive sound design, voice recording and music composition, allows us to produce strong immersive and interactive experiences.

Working across a diverse range of projects in different branches, we are at the frontline of the emerging area of VR, Museum Experiences and Interactive Branded Content.

Our Vision

Audio triggers. It triggers Fantasy. Fantasy has no borders, and because our ears are connected to the limbic brain, Audio triggers emotion. This gives us the opportunity to tell great stories in sound, involve people in virtual surroundings, or for example provide key support for the visually impaired.

‘Your ears are our way in’

Through our audio we create immersive experiences that touches the users emotion.

3D, Multi-channel, Vr and Binaural Audio
Creative Audio Concepts
Voice Casting and Recording
Music Composition and Sound Design
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