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About Big Orange

Big Orange is a full service audio studio based in Amsterdam specialised in 3D and multi-channel sound for Virtual Reality, Museums and Brands. Our audio deeply immerses the listener into a virtual audio landscape.

The unique mix of creative audio concepts, interactive sound design, voice recording and music composition, allows us to produce strong immersive and interactive experiences.

Working across a diverse range of projects in different branches, we are at the frontline of the emerging area of VR, Museum Experiences and Interactive Branded Content.

Our Vision

Audio triggers. It triggers Fantasy. Fantasy has no borders, and because our ears are connected to the limbic brain, Audio triggers emotion. This gives us the opportunity to tell great stories in sound, involve people in virtual surroundings, or for example provide key support for the visually impaired.

‘Your ears are our way in’

Through our audio we create immersive experiences that touches the users emotion.

3D, Multi-channel, Vr and Binaural Audio
Creative Audio Concepts
Voice Casting and Recording
Music Composition and Sound Design
Nespresso - de Boer & de boer

Experience the journey from coffee cherry to coffee cup, in this unique award winning campaign for Nespresso. Greenberry asked us to create a 360 binaural soundscape, compose the soundtrack and interface sounds. The interactive videos can be viewed online and are also available as a virtual reality experience on the Samsung Gear VR. Imaging yourself in the world of coffee plantations in Colombia.


How to live the same experience as Daredevil, a hero who can fight despite his disability, being blind? By creating the first trailer without any image. In an unique trailer to promote the second season of Marvel's Daredevil, the audience is put into the Hell’s Kitchen blind hero’s shoes by stimulating only one sense: hearing. We created Dolby Atmos 3D sound for the theatrical trailer and used our highly acclaimed 3D binaural sound for the Spotify and social media versions. Both techniques are able to reproduce the human hearing perception.

Launched simultaneously in different language versions in 11 countries and on various platforms, this trailer had a massive impact. Put on your headphones for the full 3D audio experience.

Rijksmuseum - Multimedia Tour


After a 10 year renovation of the Rijksmuseum we were commissioned to create an audio concept and produce all the audio for the new Rijksmuseum Multimedia Tour. The iOS and Android app consists of more than 10 tours in up to nine languages. All voice actors were recorded in 3D binaural sound, as was the custom sound design. Finally, every tour has its own unique composed soundtrack.

The project is huge; if you play all of the final audio files as delivered sequentially, it won’t be silent again for another 89 hours, 36 minutes and 32 seconds.

Velux - 3D audio for the Velux VR Experience

Many people have an attic room that is only used for storage, while it can easily be transformed to a living space by simply adding daylight. VELUX offers the right products. It's just hard to imagine what the end result will look like.

To stand out among all the competing products, Kaliber agency created the most dusty old attic that you can imagine as the Velux exhibition booth. Once in the booth, visitors were given an Oculus Rift, combined with our creative omni binaural sound. The experience turned the old dusty attic into a new bright living space.

In your head - The 3D audio experience to rule them all!

4 years ago we started experimenting with binaural recordings. We bought the best binaural microphone on the planet and recorded hours and hours of 3D audio material. Finally, we wrote our first audio only script called ‘In Your Head’. So, put your headphones on, close your eyes, and listen….

"In your head" 3D Audio Experience

Dutch VR Days
Dutch VR Days - Recording live audio for a VR film

In the fall of 2015 the Dutch VR Days were organized for the first time. Four days of the latest VR trends, hardware, inspiring keynotes, content creation and a huge amount of demos to experience, The final day was devoted to an experiment: “How do we tell a story in VR, when we don’t have a frame, but we create a world?”. One cast, one set, three directors: a theatre director, a film director and a VR director. They all recorded their take on the same script, live, in front of the audience. At the end of the day the recorded scenes were shown and the makers went on stage to share their experience and answer all questions from the audience.

We provided all audio equipment, audio knowledge and people to make the day a succes.

3D Binaural Audio - Explanation movie

As sound designers and composers, we sketch, design and create immersive audio experiences for VR, museums and brands. To ensure the greatest experience of our audio concepts, we often use 3D audio.

3D audio is audio that has been recorded and produced in a special way, replicating exactly how we, as humans, hear sound. Playback is easy; just use your headphones, any type will do. Only now, instead of standard (left-right) stereo, the sound can also come from the front or the back. Even from above or below. Now stories really come alive. Suddenly you’re in an Amsterdam tram, when a strange old man on the seat behind you starts to whisper odd instructions in your ear…

Amersfoort Zoo
Amersfoort Zoo - Audio experience

For this zoo we created an information concept based on audio that blends in with the park. Instead of creating large columns with an ‘i’ on top, we devised and delivered a concept for auditory information. We didn’t want to just ‘send information’ or educate, we wanted visitors to explore and investigate. By using motion sensors, we can prompt people with the sound of whispering voices asking all kinds of questions and discussing interesting facts about various animals.

We also designed modified helmets for kids that let them listen to a series of 3D audio experiences.

Sense Math
Sense Math - Learning App for the blind

The Royal Dutch Visio Centre of Expertise for Blind and Partially Sighted People asked us to team up with experts and students to design and develop the ‘Ideal Learning Book’, starting with mathematics.
Mathematics is an important subject: it equips students with general knowledge and teaches them to think analytically. But the subject has many challenges for blind students.

An app has been developed that renders graphs in both an auditory and tactile manner, making the teaching and learning of mathematics comprehensible and fun.
We have created a translation mechanism which turns graphs into musical 3D sounds. When a formula is entered, students can choose to hear the graph elements one at the time, in different combinations, or all together.
Now, the students can hear the shape of a graph, instead of using braille.

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