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High Society Audio Tour for the Rijksmuseum

Yet another audiotour! Marten & Oopjen are throwing a party in the Rijksmuseum and they have invited the rich, famous and not so famous.
Bring your best bling bling headphones and enjoy our golden audio tour
Gossips guaranteed ! #Tabloid

Het Verzetsmuseum – 3D Audio Tours and Trailer

Eric Corton takes you on an exciting story about the attack on the Dutch population register. We created the 3D audio tour for this exhibition as well as the soundtrack and trailer. The sound of the tour is created literally around you, so the whole tour feels extremely immersive, like you are really there.

Meet 6 artists from the resistance, create false identity cards and decide whether you will or will note use force to during the secret operation. But be careful, because before you know it you end up on death row …

Tickets and website here!

Tirpitz Museum – Blåvand

What impact did the Second World War have on the west coast of Denmark and its inhabitants? This question is the focus of the brand-new Tirpitz museum in Blåvand. Big Orange created the museum’s audio tour.

The museum was designed by architect Bjarke Ingels and is nestled in the dunes of Blåvand on the west coast of Denmark. Tinker Imagineers used the decor and stories to create an incredibly beautiful experience. Museum visitors are drawn into a story that guides them through four exhibition galleries. The story explains how the Second World War shaped Denmark’s west coast and the local inhabitants. A tunnel connects the four galleries with a huge Second World War artillery bunker that was part of the Atlantic Wall.

Each gallery has its own atmosphere and rhythm which the storyline follows: ebb and flow, day and night, good and evil, hot and cold, the passage of time.

On a relatively tight deadline, our challenge was to find eight actors for three different languages, record them and edit everything to give the stories the voice and sound they deserved.

Maestrani’s Chocolate Factory

How does happiness find its way into chocolate? The answer can be found in Maestrani’s Chocolate Factory of Happiness. We went to work on the 3D audio design.

Stepping into Maestrani’s Chocolate Factory of Happiness means entering a unique world. The Professor of Happiness takes young visitors by the hand for a guided tour of the Chocolarium in 3D audio. The kids learn in a fun and playful way how happiness finds its way into chocolate. The various areas have names such as Ingredients Port, the entirely golden Happiness Seal room and the Laboratory of Inexplicable Happiness, where experiments are conducted. At the end of the Chocolarium, Chocolate Foundry awaits, where visitors can create their own chocolate, with a recipe board for inspiration. We received a double dose of happiness: from the chocolate and from the fantastic project.

Boijmans Museum – Mad About Surrealism

An unprecedented survey of the Surrealist movement with masterpieces from four famous European collections. The majority of the works have rarely or never been exhibited publicly and will disappear behind closed doors again at the end of the exhibition.

Excellent opportunity for us to create a surrealistic audiotour.

Inspired by the works of art and stories, we designed a custom surreal audio landscape for each stop in the tour to accompany the beautiful stories. All audio was done in 3D as wel as the way finding, which was audio only and worked perfectly. The result was a nonstop 45 minute audio experience who guided the visitor through the exhibition. No need to look at a device, just walk, listen and wonder.

Listen to an expert from the 3D Audio Tour here. Don’t forget to use HEADPHONES for the full 3D experience!

Rijksmuseum – Frans Post – Animals in Brazil

In collaboration with Naturalis Biodiversity Center in Leiden, the Rijksmuseum presented the exhibition ‘Frans Post. Animals in Brazil’.

For each stop, we carefully created the sound for that specific animal , moving around the visitor within a 3D Brazilian audio landscape. All Accompanied by Dutch best known biologist Freek Vonk, who narrated the stories in his well known enthusiastic way.

This all to make the vistors feel like they were a little bit in Brasil themselves . . . along with Freek Vonk.

Listen to this 3D audio excerpt of the tour. USE HEADPHONES for the full experience.

Rijksmuseum – Goede Hoop

“The ‘Good Hope’ exhibition illustrates a significant aspect of Dutch colonial history in all its nuances. A tale that is both painful and striking, but more especially disturbing and recognisable.”

– Adriaan van Dis , Dutch writer, Africa specialist and the exhibition’s narrator –

The voice and stories of Adriaan van Dis alone is a feast for the ear. This tour did not require any further audio than that.

Rijksmuseum Music Tour

“Paintings are of less importance with the new audio tour”

  • de Volkskrant –

This tour is now part of the main collection and allows visitors to see and hear the musical side of the Rijksmuseum by following a route along “musical” paintings and instruments. The audio tour has the same principle as the other Rijksmuseum tours, 3 layers of information, but this time richly accompanied by a lot of music examples and sounddesign.

We recorded ancient, rare and odd instruments. Interviewed 20 renowned artists like Daniele Gati, Ronald Brautigam, Lavinia Meijer, Ton Koopman, Janine Jansen, with or without their instrument. All to give a deep and different insight in the wonderful collection of the Rijksmuseum.

Rijksmuseum – Multimedia Tour


After a 10 year renovation of the Rijksmuseum we were commissioned to create an audio concept and produce all the audio for the new Rijksmuseum Multimedia Tour. The iOS and Android app consists of more than 10 tours in up to nine languages. All voice actors were recorded in 3D binaural sound, as was the custom sound design. Finally, every tour has its own unique composed soundtrack.

The project is huge; if you play all of the final audio files as delivered sequentially, it won’t be silent again for another 89 hours, 36 minutes and 32 seconds.

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