The Journey – Podcast Series for KLM

‘The Journey’ is an original podcast from KLM that can be listened to via all major podcast platforms. Born05 and Big Orange teamed up for this unique podcast series.

Ad van Dongen, main audio producer of this Podcast tells: “This is an incredible project in many ways. Creating 6 immersive stories in ‘audio only’ is challenging. First of all of course, you need a good script, which was written by Marvin Jacobs at Born05. Then we casted the main voice of the story, Jonathan Groubert, a native American journalist who lives in the Netherlands. All main characters and people involved in the story were interviewed and recorded on location as well as in our studios in Amsterdam. Jos, our composer here at Big Orange wrote the original soundtrack and the podcast Leader. And after all ‘assets’ were produced I started building the story in audio, with voice, sound design, music and backgrounds. Finally the story is mixed and mastered for alle major Podcast channels. Yeah, it is challenging, but the result is beautiful and people love it!”

In Episode 1 you can listen to Linda Nijlunsing, (1955), who has never chosen the easy road. She travels around the world for many years until she meets Big Jim in Alaska. They fall in love and she decides to move in with him, far from civilization. But they soon discover that their ideas about the relationship are not compatible.

Linda Nijlunsing from the Netherlands has explored all corners of the world. But nowhere has she felt so at home as in Alaska. When she meets Big Jim, she does not hesitate for a moment to move in with him. They marry and live together in the vast and pristine wilderness of Alaska. Theirs is a life of tremendously hard work. Light, heat, water, food… nothing comes for free in this environment far from civilisation. Much effort is required for the simplest of things. In Alaska, you live on the very edge. With temperatures of -30 Celsius, losing your gloves can mean losing your hands. And leaving home without a rifle can be fatal if you encounter a bear.

In The Journey, Linda tells a breathtaking story about the years she spent in these harsh conditions.

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