3D sound scares running women?

TomTom asked us to make a 3D audio commercial for their smart watches. The result? A little bit too real, according to some listeners…here’s why.


By Patrick Stal (Adformatie)

Without a marketing budget in the millions, TomTom Sports has to play it smart. We put a lot of emphasis on innovation in our communication’, says Stal. For example, working with our ad agency Pool Worldwide and Spotfiy, we embarked on a project using radio commercials targeting people while actually running. We know they’re running because they’re playing special running playlists you can find on Spotify. We recorded a series of radio commercials with 3D sound specifically for this target group. When you are running, this is what you hear: Hey! Are you still running with a phone?’ Then you literally hear the person who said that run off.’

The commercial startled runners, especially female ones, who thought that someone was really behind them. Most of all, however, it raised target group awareness significantly. ‘The interesting thing is that we know they heard the commercials. We can later show the same people banners on Spotify and if they visit our site we can re-target them, too.’

Interested in the commercial? Listen here. Don’t forget to put on your headphones.


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