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Daredevil – Trailer season 2

How to live the same experience as Daredevil, a hero who can fight despite his disability, being blind? By creating the first trailer without any image. In an unique trailer to promote the second season of Marvel’s Daredevil, the audience is put into the Hell’s Kitchen blind hero’s shoes by stimulating only one sense: hearing. We created Dolby Atmos 3D sound for the theatrical trailer and used our highly acclaimed 3D binaural sound for the Spotify and social media versions. Both techniques are able to reproduce the human hearing perception.

Launched simultaneously in different language versions in 11 countries and on various platforms, this trailer had a massive impact. Put on your headphones for the full 3D audio experience.

Tom Tom Runner – 3D Radio Commercial

Pool Worldwide asked us to create a 3D audio commercial for TomTom. The goal was to create a scene so real, the listener would think he or she was actually there.

A Spotify radio commercial in which you, as runner, are the main feature, with everything around happening in 3D. Big Orange did the 3D audio recording on location and handled the audio post too.
Listen here, and don’t forget to wear your headphones!

Nespresso – de Boer & de boer

Experience the journey from coffee cherry to coffee cup, in this unique award winning campaign for Nespresso. Greenberry asked us to create a 360 binaural soundscape, compose the soundtrack and interface sounds. The interactive videos can be viewed online and are also available as a virtual reality experience on the Samsung Gear VR. Imaging yourself in the world of coffee plantations in Colombia.

Velux – 3D audio for the Velux VR Experience

Many people have an attic room that is only used for storage, while it can easily be transformed to a living space by simply adding daylight. VELUX offers the right products. It’s just hard to imagine what the end result will look like.

To stand out among all the competing products, Kaliber agency created the most dusty old attic that you can imagine as the Velux exhibition booth. Once in the booth, visitors were given an Oculus Rift, combined with our creative omni binaural sound. The experience turned the old dusty attic into a new bright living space.

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